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San Giorgio Villa is small budget accommodation property, the so-called "Meteora's Budget Accommodations". Located on the road to the holy rocks in Kastraki village our petite hotel is considered as the ideal selection for a comfortable stay in Meteora.

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San Giorgio Villa Meteora's Budget Accommodations

Our tour in the pristine nature and the unparalleled beauty of Thessaly starts from the “eagle’s nest of Meteora”, as the village of Kastraki is often described, nowadays a traditional and well preserved village that boast a unique view to Pineios Valley and Pindos Mountain range. Nestled in the heart of the quaint village, “San Giorgio” Villa complex of rooms and apartments welcomes you to its warm and hospitable grounds and promises a magnificent say in an equally magnificent place.


The complex is located right below the church of San George Mandilas and from its rooms you can enjoy a perfect view to the forest of oak and elm trees as well as to the limestone rocks of Meteora and Kastraki village, thus becoming the perfect starting point to the nearby attractions. The serenity of the landscape is unique and the morning breathtaking. While taking your breakfast, you can gaze at the impressive rocks, gorges and plateaus, surrounded by the mountains of Pindos and listen to the sounds of the church bells filling the air.


The 10 rooms and apartments of the complex are spread in three levels and surrounded by a garden. Further from the amenities of the spotless rooms, there is free access to a communal kitchen, where you will find all the necessary utensils to prepare your meal or dinner, as if you were in your own country house. In your free time, enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, watch TV or serf the Internet, to which you have free access, or simply relax in a family- like atmosphere, together with your friends or loved ones.


The hospitable proprietors have created a familiar environment, where you feel right “at home”. Knowledgeable of the area and its hidden beauties, they will show you paths and routes that will impress and ravish you. Starting from “San Giorgio” Villa, wander around the Holly Rocks of Meteora, the quaint Kastraki, the neighboring Kalambaka and the refreshing town of Trikala and check your abilities in rock climbing and trekking. Your trip to this wonderful and unique area of Greece will remain unforgettable.