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Climbing in Meteora


Climbing one of the most beautiful landscapes that Greek nature offers is undoubtedly a unique experience that will impress you and remain indelibly etched on your memory. Meteora is one of the safest climbing fields globally and offers climbing routes of different difficulty, adapted for both beginners and experienced climbers.

Arriving at the top of the rocks and the magnificent view in front of you will surely take your breath away. At the same time, at a distance of just a few kilometers, on the slopes of Koziakas near the picturesque village of Elati is the climbing field of Kokkinos Vrachos, a limestone rock about sixty meters high with six routes of varying degrees of difficulty.

Slope parachute in Meteora

Slope parachute

For those looking for adventure, paragliding is one of the extreme activities that they have the opportunity to choose during their stay in the area of Meteora.

The absolute feeling of freedom, of complete relaxation, as well as the stunning images that the natural landscape of the area generously offers you, will take you through a memorable life experience. Enjoy undisturbed the panoramic view of a unique spectacle that literally spreads under your feet, without the slightest obstacle between you!