• View from a Monastery of Meteora
  • View from a Monastery of Meteora
  • View from Meteora's rocks

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Explore Trikala city


A tour of the capital of the prefecture of Trikala during your stay in the area of Meteora is highly recommended! The “smart” city of Greece that offers high technology services to its citizens, a city with a cycling culture as it is one of the rare cases of Greek cities that give priority to pedestrian and bicycle traffic and that has managed to maintain, at the same time, historical and traditional elements of the place with its picturesque neighborhoods and their narrow streets waiting to be explored!

Walk in the alleys of the picturesque district of Sakaflias in the old town and taste the local delicacies in “Manavika” with the traditional taverns. Admire the rare and UNESCO-protected imposing mosque of Osman Shah or Kursun Cami.

Enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the idyllic sunset from the Byzantine fortress with the Tower and its impressive clock. Visit the Matsopoulos Mill, one of the most beautiful places in the city and the only industrial museum in Greece housed in its area. Climb the Hill of Prophet Elias and visit the city zoo that hosts rare animals such as tigers, iguanas, and ostriches. Wrap up your visit with a walk on the Litheos river, a tributary of the Pineios, a reference point, and lung of the city.

Plastira Lake near Meteora

Lake Plastiras

In an idyllic location, close to the area of Meteora, surrounded by the verdant slopes of the mountain range of Agrafa is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, Lake Plastiras, the jewel of the prefecture of Karditsa. It is an artificial lake, the creation of which was inspired by the great general and politician Nikolaos Plastiras to whom it owes its name.

The lake extends to a dreamy location surrounded by the verdant slopes of Agrafa that are reflected in its calm waters creating a magnificent spectacle. In addition to the enchanting landscape, the area has impressive attractions worth visiting, such as religious monuments, remarkable museums, stone bridges, otherworldly caves, and dense forests full of firs, beeches, and chestnuts.

Numerous traditional and very picturesque villages are located around the lake, waiting to explore their narrow streets, squares, and stone houses, while the traditional taverns located in the area are ready to offer you local delicacies. For nature lovers, the area has a variety of activities such as hiking, horse riding, mountaineering, paragliding, and water sports.