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San Giorgio Villa is small budget accommodation property, the so-called "Meteora's Budget Accommodations". Located on the road to the holy rocks in Kastraki village our petite hotel is considered as the ideal selection for a comfortable stay in Meteora.

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Get to know the natural splendor of Trikala Prefecture, with its thousands variations, the pristine forests, the variety of flaura and fauna, the rare ecosystem and the majestic scenery of Thessaly plateau. Those who like alternative sports, discover here their paradise, as the area offers a multitude of activities, such as rafting in Aliakmon and Aspropotamos rivers, rock climbing and rappel in Meteora, mountain bike in Theopetra, or skiing in Pertouli Ski Center and water sports in Lake Plastiras.

Our suggestions:
Rock climbing and rappel: Meteora is acknowledged as one of the safest rock climbing destinations in the world, offering different levels of difficulty. There are 100 towers and around 700 routes, offering a wide choice for all climbers, experienced or inexperienced, like “Orchid” [1997] and «Crazy Dance» [1995-97], of VΙΙΙ+ and ΙΧ+ difficulty accordingly, “Αction Direct” [VΙΙΙ+, 240 m.], “Nightmare” [VΙΙΙ, 145 m]. Apart from Meteora, at 10 minutes distance of the neighboring Elati village, at the slopes of Koziakas mountain, we find the Red Rock Climbing Field, a limestone rock approx. 60 m. high, with 6 different routes.

Paragliding: You can try paragliding and land in front of Aghios Stefanos Monastery or at Koziakas Mountain.

Canoe- Kayak - Rafting: Achelloos river - which locally is called Aspropotamos - flows from the north to the south, in the mountainous area of Trikala county, in the north west Thessaly. The starting point of the organizing team starts from Tria Potamia and ends at Alexios Bridge in Aghia Paraskevi. You can also try inflatable Kayaking, river canoeing and Monorafting in Pinios river, the third longest river in Greece.

Mountain Bike: The natural beauty and the wonderful Pertoulian Meadows are the ideal location for mountain biking, through a multitude of mountainous paths among a fir-covered natural setting.

Horse Riding: Proud horses will take you on a horse riding adventure to discover the beauty of the area, escorted by experienced trainers and guides.

Hiking - Trekking - Climbing: Go hiking along the mountainous paths where once monks used to pass. Start off from Kastraki and proceed through the old monks’ path, leading to Varlaam and Megalo Meteoro Monasteries.
Apart from Meteora, the E4-European Long Distance Walking Paths traverses Koziakas mountain. There is a significant network of non signposted tracks that lead to the peaks of the surrounding mountains. [Pertoulian Meadows – [Astrapi Koziakas’ peak]: 2.146 m, Pyrra - Egg: 2.146 m., Neraidohori – Marossa: 2.020 m., Pertouli - Fairy: 2.065 m., Haliki - Dove: 2.295 m., Klino – Triggia: 2.204 m.]

If you need information on the annual scheduled walking tours of the Alpine Club of Kalambaka, you can call at tel. 24320 24806, or you can contact the climber Kostas Liolios at tel. 6972567582.