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San Giorgio Villa is small budget accommodation property, the so-called "Meteora's Budget Accommodations". Located on the road to the holy rocks in Kastraki village our petite hotel is considered as the ideal selection for a comfortable stay in Meteora.

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Nearby Short Excursions

Starting off from “Villa San Giorgio”, which can be your base for many tours in the area, you can enjoy wonderful excursions in nature.


Excursion to Trikala, the bicycle city [24 kms from Kastraki]

Walk along the old neighborhood of Varousi and the grocery stores with the local tavernas in Asklipiou Street, which is the town’s biggest commercial street and meeting point of both locals and visitors. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Monument Kursum Mosque, [16th c.], the impressive fort with its Tower and Clock, the Aclepieio of Ancient Trikki which, according to the Geographer Stravonas is one of the most ancient and important in Ancient Greece and take a stroll up Prophet Ilias Hill, where you will see the zoo, hosting rare animals, such as tigers, ostriches, iguanas and other species of interest. Complete your tour along Litheos river – one of Pinios tributaries and focal point of Trikala. The pedestrianized centre of the town is ideal for walks, since all the important places are within walking distance.


Plastiras Lake

Of the most idyllic spots in Greece, Plastiras Lake is at close proximity to Meteora, surrounded with pristine nature and dotted with traditional villages which one can visit while making a tour of Tavropos lake. There are many interesting places in and around the area that is included in the European Charter of Natura 2000, such as the Botanical Garden near Neraidohori and two important Monasteries, of Koronas and Panaghia Pelekiti. The complete tour of the lake totals around 55 kms, but some routes need 4x4 vehicles, especially in winter. In some cases you will need to continue on foot, especially if you want to reach the Observatory, the mountain lodge- ski center and Kamara Anthohoriou.
There are plenty of alternative sports for all ages, either mountainous, such as trekking and rock climbing, mountain bike or horse riding, or aquatic, during summertime, such as canoe- kayak, fishing and swimming in the two organized beaches.


Elati - Pertouli [60 kms]

Not more than one hour away from Meteora, we come across two of the most traditional villages of Pindos area, Elati and Pertouli (7 kms from Elati). Weather permitting, trekking addicts follow a dense network of forest paths that covers the area and includes the villages Elati, Pertouli, Neraidohori, passing from beautiful forests. In the Pertoulian meadows you can enjoy horse riding, archery and alternative sports, such as mountain bike, 4x4 drives and moto cross. 15 kms from Elati we find the Red Rock Climbing Field, with 6 routes of various degrees of difficulty [VI -VIII]. Naturally, the most popular activities are the water sports, kayak and rafting at Achelloos river, especially during summertime. In wintertime, ski lovers head for Pertouli Ski Centre, which is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced skiers.